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On this page I`m gonna to tell you stuff `bout where we shoot, who I shoot with, the sort of Smokepoles calibres and powders used by us pards here in the UK, I have also put links to some of the CAS related sites that I enjoy using

Me `n Annie `O` are posse members of the..Picketts Hill Marshals That holds monthly shoots at Headley Park Rifle and Pistol Club, situated in Hampshire U.K.  We also Ran a very successful `Line Dancing Club` in our spare time for quite a few years, it was called the… Rockerbilly Western Dance Club (Click on the link `n get ta see a piccie of us!). Unfortunately, due to the continuing deterioration of my hips we had to close it down. It was a very sad day for us… we had one hell of a party! Laughed a lot cried a bit. But it was a time we will treasure forever.

We also shoot us a match called ..`The Plainsman` which I devised based `Very Loosly` on a combination of other single shot disiplines.I won`t bore ya`ll with details here but iffn ya`ll want ta know any more jest E-Mule   me and i`ll glady give ya`ll details.


Here in the UK the Only `Handguns` we can use are muzzle stuffers and so our choice is somewhat restricted. That being said there are some.. Lurvly pieces out there!! Most of the UK`s Western shooters favour the `58 Remmie which comes in different flavours mostly by Pietta or Uberti.The second choice Is what is commonly called the `Cattleman` and its derivatives, this is a Peacemaker turned into a muzzle stuffer, it`s by far the most…`Cowboy looking` but unfortunately it`s hellishly inaccurate, it`s trying to be something it aint!! and unless used at Very close range even the best of us can`t guarantee a hit!     However, there is a ..`NKOTB` which comes in the shape of the `Ruger Old Army` (Click on the link `n get ta see a piccie of mine). which although had been around for years was only available with Target Sights to shooters in the U.K. which consisted of a BIG ramp forsight and an adjustable rearsight and that is totally NOT COWBOY!! There is more info about this pistola in my Shootin Irons page.

Shotguns.... We are not so restricted in the SXS and the O/U`s But iffn yer wanting anything that holds more than 2 rounds it them becomes a firearm and attaches all the security that you need for M/L handguns.

Rifles.... Lucky for us, the restrictions on these do not apply to CAS.

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Calibres `n Powders

The main calibres used in our handguns are obviously Very Limited so About 80% of us shoot .44`s the rest is .36`s and of course the purty little `ol .31 which we all lurv ta shoot (There’s a beaut piccie of mine on my Shootin` Irons page).   Rifles..   It seems the most popular Calibres are .45LC, 44-40, then there’s .38/.357(Mousefart) loads!

Powders..  Again, it turns out to be that about 80% of CAS shooters here in the UK likes ta use the Real.. Holy Black in their pistolas. The rest I`m afraid ta say use that Evil ....Ungodly Smokeeless..Stuff!!   it jest aint Natral `n I aint prepared ta say no more on this subject!

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Links to my Favourite CAS sites.


E-Mule Paladin